Bacon butties awarded for Positive Intervention of the Month

Picture1As part of our Behavioural Change Programme – helping to change attitudes towards safety throughout the organisation – a new initiative has been introduced which offers our employees to report all Positive Interventions with the chance to win bacon cobs for their site delivery teams.

The winner for November was Jack Salt – see pictures with our SHEQ Advisor Dan Donovan.

Jack was working for Western Power Distribution when he noticed the blast fence surrounding the 132kv had serious rot. He proceeded to make the area safe by supporting the fence and reported the incident to Western Power. Very shortly after, it was agreed by all that the safest and best course of action was to dismantle the fencing completely.

SHEQ Advisor Dan Donovan said: “Big thank you to everyone for the completion of all Positive Interventions for November and well done to the winner Jack Salt. No matter how insignificant a single Positive Intervention might seem, it could save someone from injury, plant from damage or environment from contamination.”