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Coal Authority - Emergency Call-Out

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Continually challenging the boundaries of Civil Engineering and Property Level Flood Resilience.

The Coal Authority are responsible for managing public safety incidents in coal mining areas throughout the UK. To achieve their high-level objectives and ensure public safety, they have in place an emergency 24/7/365 service to secure incidents and undertake remedial repairs. 

Supporting the Coal Authority, we undertake a wide variety of fencing, call-outs and minor repairs on an emergency response basis. We cover a wide swathe of the Midlands and North Wales, and work collaboratively with local land owners, Coal Authority Project Managers and Health & Safety teams to provide an efficient and robust emergency response service.

Working quickly to secure incidents

Working quickly to secure incidents requires fast-thinking and attention to detail. Our on-call Contracts Managers, Site Managers and Operational delivery teams have developed relationships with the Coal Authority that allow collaborative action to achieve best value.

What did they think?

"Extremely professional and efficient"

On a final note your operatives from Whitehouse that attended this collapse were extremely professional and carried out their work in an efficient, safe and diligent manner especially the distance that they had to travel, so they deserve credit for their actions on this project.

Mick Owens, Principal Project Manger

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