Whitehouse Construction

MAG - EMA Small Works Framework

Design & Build
Security cristical environment
Live, operational evironment

Understanding MAG's business drivers

Understanding MAG’s businesses drivers; to deliver sustainable growth and balance the needs of their customers, whilst maintaining the highest security standards, we deliver efficiencies throughout the Framework whilst ensuring MAG’s vision, mission and values are met.

Providing technical knowledge & experience

Our engineering led professionals have the technical knowledge and experience to provide innovative construction methods / materials and techniques, encouraging value engineering opportunities on each individual project.

Our can-do attitude towards problem solving has seen Design & Build, ‘one stop shop’ solutions achieved, and through our wide technical knowledge base and engaging with design professionals, best value solutions are achieved for MAG.

What did they think?

“I found your site in very good order and your team most professional...”

Colin Welch, Group Head of Construction HSE

Our Valued Clients