Forestry England – Landslip Reclamation Works

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20 weeks


Forestry England appointed us to undertake emergency reclamation works on an unstable slope, with residential properties located at the summit. Works included extensive land drainage and clearing large swathes of vegetation and, to ensure stability, a series of shelves were cut into the bank prior to being filled with recycled materials.

This safety critical and technically complex scheme required extensive collaboration with Forestry England Project Managers, our directly employed Contracts Manager and highly trained Engineer. Developing safe systems of work for cutting shelves into the bank, we recommended installing permanent monitoring points throughout the slope.

Not only did this allow our delivery teams on site to continually monitor the safety of works, it allows Forestry England to continue to monitor the slope, mitigating the risk of further destabilisation and provides long-term benefits. The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) commended our innovative approach towards safe working and held a training day on site to highlight our commitment to Health & Safety and educate the wider industry on best practice techniques.

Partnering with an ecologist following completion, works were reinstated providing an open green space for the general public; increasing the biodiversity of the area and improving local habitats in what was once an overgrown and unused area.

Utilising topsoil and seed rather than a stone finish, a waterproof solution was achieved, with whole life cost improved for Forestry England through reduced future maintenance costs.

The bespoke mix of buttress stone used to fill the shelves cut into the slope was sourced from a local quarry, reducing lorry movements significantly and providing an environmentally sustainable solution. Utilising recycled stone from the compound to provide footpaths further enhanced the local area whilst maintaining our commitment to providing best value for Forestry England.

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