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2 weeks


As part of our emergency call-out Framework, we were contacted by the Coal Authority to undertake emergency stabilisation works following a mineshaft collapse in front of a residential property. Initial assessments suggested the collapse to be 27m deep and 1.5m in diameter.

Upon appointment to the Framework, we established a dedicated emergency response vehicle, fitted with all fencing, tools & equipment required to undertake an emergency stabilisation, prior to finalising a permanent solution. Having a Director on Call 24/7, a robust and efficient emergency response was coordinated and our directly employed, highly experienced Gang were on site within 2hours of initial call.

The collapse was filled with a single sized stone, acting as an emergency solution to remove the immediate risk of further collapse. Following stabilisation, our Contracts Manager worked collaboratively with Coal Authority Engineers to develop a permanent solution. Ground investigations showed a 3m deep excavation was required in order to reach ground that could bear a concrete cap, posing further risk of destabilisation, especially in such close proximity to the residential property.

With vast experience and knowledge, our Contracts Manager developed a design in collaboration with specialist grouting engineers and the Coal Authority.

Constructing a cap at 1.3m below ground level, whilst using resin grout technology as a stabilisation technique saw the scheme completed in the safest way with reduced excavation depth, whilst ensuring environmentally friendly construction with less excavated material taken offsite.

Our delivery team were praised on their efficiency, professionalism and high level of customer care shown throughout the project; vital when undertaking such high-risk activities in a sensitive location.

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