Foundations for Sheffield Wednesday FC’s new TV Screen installed


Special heavy foundations have been installed by the company at Hillsborough Stadium for Sheffield Wednesday’s new TV Screen. The screen, mounted on steelwork cantilevered forward from the foundations to fit snugly into the space between two grandstands and above the stadium control box, is one of the largest at any UK football league ground. The foundations were designed by Eastwood and Partners of Sheffield and were constructed to tight timescales in order to have the screen ready for the start of the 2015/16 season.

Whitehouse Chairman Brell Ewart said, “The works were complicated by very restricted access, working around existing services & foundations, and taking the old scoreboard down without disturbing elevated service ducts and gantries.  The job has been a true collaborative team effort, working strictly to a CDM plan involving Sheffield Wednesday staff, designers and our own construction team. The location and position of the massive screen speaks for itself and it looks superb.”