Long Service Awards Presented

Champagne and cork exploding from bottle

In July five employees received long service presentations:

25 years’ service (1990-2015)

Tony Stanyard

Dave Burrows

Dick Smith

Terry Newton

30 years’ service (1985-2015)

Neil Cranfield

Each of the five employees received gifts at our recent Team Meeting, presented by Managing Director Steve McKeown, as an expression of the achievement and company’s appreciation of their commitment.

Chairman, Brell Ewart said: “In today’s world of employment, long service has become a rare achievement. Whitehouse is now 38 years old and to say that we have no less than four people reaching the 25 year continuous service this year, and one achieving 30 years, is a wonderful accolade both to them and to the company. We are both proud and delighted to present gifts to these individuals and we look forward to further members of the company reaching similar milestones in the future.”