National Needs Assessment Recommends PLFP

ThFlood-Photo-for-Webe National Needs Assessment has been published by ICE on 18th October detailing a vision for improvement of UK infrastructure.

This assessment whilst taking stock of the UK’s infrastructure, endorsed property level flood protection, also stating that flooding costs the UK an estimated £1bn a year.

This assessment highlighted that recent flooding shows how vulnerable the UK is from its devastating effects.  This is why investment in flood management has risen by £299m between 2005/06 and 2014/15.

The Environment Agency have promoted a ‘whole systems approach’ to managing risks from river, coastal, groundwater and surface water flooding. This includes measures to retain water upstream in catchments, avoiding inappropriate development in floodplains, installing sustainable drainage systems in urban areas whilst also investing in flood defence where it is cost beneficial.

This study recommended that further action should be taken to promote the uptake of property-level-flood protection where community flood defences are not economically efficient, a service that Whitehouse have been providing for over a decade.

Climate change has been listed as one major contributing factor of greatly increasing the frequency and intensity of flood events. With little signs to suggest climate change will be slowing, flood protection in a myriad of forms will be needed on a larger scale, helping to protect a wider range of residents and businesses within the UK.

Whitehouse Construction’s managing director said: “It’s good to see that property level flood protection is becoming a subject of great prominence. We hope that it is something that more governing bodies want to utilise, allowing protection to many more homes and families in the future”.