New Warning Alarm System Introduced

Whitehouse are rolling out the insNew_Machinerytallation of a new warning system on our company plant.

The bbs-tek® white sound® warning alarms are our new alarm system to warn workers of reversing vehicles.

The common, all too frequently heard tonal alarms, with their harsh ‘beep’ sound, are so loud and non-directional that there is an increased risk of workers becoming desensitised to them which can pose serious health and safety risks.

The new bbs-tek® white sound® warning alarms use a frequency that enables workers to instantly recognise where the sound is coming from, ensuring the warnings are adhered to. They have a ‘sshh’ sound, and with white sound dissipating quickly, are much gentler on the ear.

Using bbs-tek® white sound® warning alarms is also part of the Whitehouse’s Environmental Initiative as they have been awarded the Quiet Mark and are endorsed by the Noise Abatement Society.

Ashley Jackson, Plant Manager said: “These new alarm systems will not only keep our workers safe on site, they have environmental benefits such as keeping noise levels low and are in line with the Whitehouse Environmental Initiative”.