No Shocks For This Month’s Positive Intervention

January-PI-Picture-for-webAfter a massive 191 Positive Interventions being submitted, only one could be chosen and rewarded with a bacon cob and with many interventions being of high importance, it was difficult to choose a winner.

January’s worthy winner was Chris Dean for discovering a poorly wired plug during a PA test, noticing that the neutral and earth wires were both making contact, which meant there was a chance of causing a severe shock and injury.

This detection occurred after a close and thorough inspection, however everyone can play their part in ensuring safe use of electronics by checking for cracked plugs and damaged cable before use.

SHEQ advisor Dan Donovan said: “Chris did a tremendous job in highlighting a problem and helping make the working environment a safer place.  I would also like to say a huge thank you for everyone who submitted a PI in January”.