Brighton & Hove City Council – Property Flood Resilience

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12 weeks


Following significant flooding events, Brighton & Hove City Council acquired funding from the Environment Agency to provide Property Flood Resilience
(PFR) to 63 properties in the region. We were appointed to supply & install a variety of passive measures including Flood Doors, automatic airbricks, non-return valves and waterproofing sealant.

Upon contract award, we held a pre-start meeting with Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC) Project Managers to determine their requirements, specification and outputs. It was identified the majority of properties flooded via surface water run-off or groundwater rising and therefore passive PFR measures were required i.e. would automatically act and provide resilience in a flooding event.

An initial measurement survey was undertaken at each of the properties by our directly employed Flood Mitigation teams. This was to ratify the initial design undertaken by a specialist PFR surveyor, and to take exact measurements for the recommended solutions.

10 of the properties were identified as Listed Buildings, requiring Building Consent approval. Taking an average of 12weeks, our Contracts Manager worked with residents and BHCC to ensure the information required was gained and submitted to meet our programme of works. As this scheme was funded by the Environment Agency, strict timeframes for completion were in place and therefore a robust and thorough programme was vital.

We manufactured Flood Doors in-house to meet the requirements of induvial homeowners in a wide range of colours, styles and finishes. Our in-house manufacturing facility enables us to produce doors fit for Listed Buildings and taking direct control over delivery, we guaranteed high-quality products on programme as required.

All installation works were undertaken by our directly employed, highly trained installation teams with one Lead Installer and one Installer. This high level of supervision ensured successful completion of this scheme in a safe and efficient manner and to a high-quality standard.

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