Northumbrian Water – PFR Framework

A valued brand, capable of delivering quality solutions.
Comprehensive and deliverable project solutions.
Alleviate the effects of flooding.


£1,500,000 per annum


5 year framework


5-year Framework across Northumbrian Water Group’s operating area, covering 1000 houses with the survey, supply & installation of PFR measures including in-house manufactured Flood Doors, flood boards, automatic airbricks, sump & pumps and non-return valves. ‘One stop shop’ Design & Build solution, effectively mitigating entire communities.

Collocating with NWG in their offices allowed collaborative working relationships to be developed between our delivery teams and NWG representatives. Our overall carbon footprint was reduced whilst maintaining effective communication throughout Framework delivery.

Delivering a ‘one stop shop’ Design & Build solution, our delivery teams undertook initial surveys to ascertain the root cause of flooding, considering all aspects of local flood modelling and water ingress routes.

Technically skilled and highly experienced, our Designers produced individual PFR survey reports highlighting local flooding models and water ingress points. Liaising with our Site Agents the most appropriate solution was realised for each individual homeowner, with passive measures such as Flood Doors and automatic airbricks installed. Other products included flood boards, non-return valves, sump & pumps and waterproofing sealant ensuring successful
mitigation of each property.

Providing in-depth training to homeowners, supplying detailed literature and demonstrating the deployment (where applicable) and maintenance instructions upon completion of installation, each homeowner has been able to effectively maintain their PFR measures since installation. This has provided whole life cost for both the homeowner and NWG, with best value solutions achieved. Directly employing our entire workforce allowed effective management of PFR installation, ensuring complete customer satisfaction through the high level of customer care training we provide. Our customer focused approach led us to win both ‘Team of the Year’ and the ‘Customer Focus’ annual awards, commending our delivery of works.

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