This year’s annual team building event took place at Lea Green adventure centre near Matlock, allowing all sections of Whitehouse Construction to intertwine and enjoy activities in glorious sunshine.

High-Ropes-2Proceedings started with teams being randomly drawn, ensuring a wide mixture of personnel had to work together to complete a varied selection of tasks that required a diversity of skills from brainpower to strength.

Our teams first challenge involved balancing on a giant seesaw, which might sound easy enough but took outstanding communication and quick-fire planning to balance for thirty seconds in the quickest time possible.

After an event which took a standstill approach to succeed, orienteering involved roaming Lea Green’s extensive grounds to track down and find each stamping pole within a fifteen-minute timeframe.

Our grand finale of this team event was Lea Green’s cannon challenge which proved to be most groups toughest out of the three scored disciplines. It involved deconstructing a cannon, taking the parts around an assault course without picking up penalties by dropping. This task took careful planning in strategy, whilst assistance for those tackling the course was of vital importance for successful completion, epitomising team effort.

After all scores were calculated it was the team Involving: Alice Warren, David Edwards, Wayne Ball, Dan Fletcher, Anthony Astbury, Phil Newsum, Ross Hodgkinson and Randall Skinner who were victorious.

That was not an end to the day’s activities, as the afternoon allowed all members of staff to delve in several adventures and activities that Lea Green had to offer including: high ropes, skyline, team swing, archery, bush craft, football and Frisbee golf.

Jo Ewart-Sear who fronts Whitehouse’s Behavioural Steering Group said: “The day was a huge success; we’ve had a tremendous amount of positive feedback. Building interdependent teams and a cohesive culture is critical in the high risk delivery areas that we work in on a daily basis. Well done to everyone who took part!”