The Whitehouse Green Agenda continues…

Electric Car

As further development for the Whitehouse Green Agenda, we have taken delivery of our first electric powered car. Director Josephine Ewart-Sear is trialling the vehicle.

She commented: “In line with the company’s position to continually reduce our carbon footprint, we are monitoring how this vehicle performs. We are installing a charging station at Head Office where, for most months of the year, we will be able to charge the vehicle using electricity generated from our solar power array. Over the coming years, we hope the motor industry will further develop these vehicles to enable us to extend our fleet further”.

We have also continued to expand our solar power generation such that in total, over 120KWh of panels are now deployed across the company’s buildings. Chairman Brell Ewart said:

“Every building owned by the Whitehouse group has solar power panels deployed. Our global generation has exceeded total annual power consumption since installation two years ago. This is something we feel is very worthwhile and of which we are justifiably proud. Our industry can create a big indent in carbon emissions and this is our input in redressing that.”