Whitehouse contribute to 12% increase in cycle traffic in Nottingham

New figures show that cycle traffic throughout Nottingham has increased by as much as 12% in some areas, thanks to the construction of the Western Cycle Corridor.

Whitehouse delivered this venture, alongside Nottingham City Council, and undertook works on Castle Boulevard. Our works included the widening of the carriageway, which allowed construction of the two-way cycle route. We also reinstated kerbs and drainage all whilst maintaining a steady traffic flow throughout the city.

This new cycleway has created an improved, safer route for cyclists to travel – which has been demonstrated in the figures.

Managing Director, Steve McKeown commented: “This scheme has increased not only access for cyclists, but their safety. The two-way route runs throughout the City Centre and, as shown by the 12% increase in cycle traffic, is successful in its’ aim to increase sustainable travel.”