Whitehouse elect Corporate Covenant

We at Whitesabre_logo-270x270house have elected to demonstrate our support to service personnel by way of a Corporate Covenant. A Corporate Covenant is a voluntary statement, with the aim to ensure the Armed Forces Community face no disadvantage in their engagement with business.

We all think we have important jobs. However when we see individuals putting themselves in the front line in defence of the realm where in fact they defend us, often at great personal sacrifice, there can be no doubt that their role is very important.

Although the UK is not in imminent danger, the world remains a dangerous place.  We owe a great debt of gratitude to our service personnel who as part of their daily jobs, help to keep us safe. Few things in life can be more important.


Our Chairman Brell Ewart said “I am both pleased and proud to announce our support for our armed service personnel by way of Corporate Covenant.  We are always inspired by the achievements of our armed services and the safety and security they bring to us all the UK.  As such, we are delighted to be able to help them in this way by publicly stating our support and strategically seeking to use the skills of our armed forces community in our business when their service life concludes.”