Whitehouse employees presented with safety awards by Nestle Waters UK

Whitehouse Employees Presented with safety awards by nestleWhitehouse are currently undertaking the capacity upgrade of Nestle’s car and lorry park at the new flagship production site for Buxton Water in Buxton.

Two Whitehouse employees have received awards after challenging safety behaviours and enhancing the working environment for others on site.

April proved to be yet another accident free month, with Whitehouse’s Paul Bowler w inning the month’s ‘Best Positive Intervention’. Paul avoided an incident when he confronted a Site Operative working close to a floor saw, advising him to move away until the saw cut was completed, proving his commitment to looking out for others and challenging situations that he knows to be dangerous and unsafe.

Runner-up for this month’s award was Whitehouse’s Paul Mannion, after he challenged a group of Nestle Waters management staff for taking a short cut through the site. His attitude and commitment to looking out for others’ safety, and not being afraid to confront Nestle staff, resulted in him receiving this award.

Nestle Waters have praised both Paul Bowler and Paul Mannion for their attitude and approach to challenging behaviours, creating a safe environment for others and showing this large step towards a good safety culture.

They have also commended Site Supervisor, Paul Goodall, for his contribution to the improvements and hard work being put into the safety of all those on site.

Steve McKeown commented: “Safety has always been at the core of our business and with our current Behavioural Change programme this can only be enhanced further, as shown by the recent actions of Paul Bowler and Paul Mannion.”