Whitehouse Invited by CIWEM as Leading Expert in Property Level Protection

CIWEM-PLP-Meeting-For-Web-2On Monday 11th July, CIWEM, supported by Whitehouse Construction and RAB Consultants, convened a round table meeting of experts including Government, regulators, professional institutions, community groups and the insurance industry to discuss issues surrounding property level resilience and protection from flooding, with an aim to increase the rate of progress on resolving them.

The flood events seen many times across the UK since 2000 have highlighted the complexities of providing flood protection in towns and cities throughout the country. The use of ‘whole-property’ Property Level Flood Protection (PLP) measures ensure the whole fabric of the building is addressed to minimise water ingress and improve its resilience to flooding. This provides an affordable and effective first line of defence in mitigating against internal flooding of property whilst reducing the impact of any water ingress that does occur.

In order for PLP and wider resilience measures to be a viable and trusted form of flood mitigation in at-risk communities there are a number of questions and challenges that need to be understood and addressed:

  • If PLP is to be a component part of flood risk mitigation, how can it be delivered in a way which provides communities with trust, security and understanding surrounding its performance and application?
  • For PLP to be applied properly to a property, a comprehensive yet affordable survey is needed. If we are to have common standards for these surveys what needs to be done to bring them into force and who is best placed to deliver them?
  • How can we ensure that where surveying is undertaken and PLP and resilience measures are installed, these are readily recognised by the insurance industry or mortgage lenders?

The group will now work to answer these questions over the summer before working on an action programme to make progress in setting the right framework for property level resilience to be delivered effectively. You can find out more about CIWEM’s policy activities here.