At Whitehouse, we are…Proud to be SAFE

We have launched our Proud to be SAFE campaign, highlighting our commitment to safety throughout the organisation. This campaign encourages employees to not do anything they feel may be unsafe regardless of who has requested it. Even if someone more senior, a client or Director has requested a job they are unsure of, all employees are encouraged to ‘Stop and Ask’, and don’t be afraid to refuse to do something they feel is unsafe.

‘Stop and Ask’ posters will be rolled out to all sites, detailing the appropriate personnel to contact if anyone is unsure about a job, activity, works process or request.

Jo Ewart-Sear, Director and Leader of our Behavioural Change Steering Group said: “This campaign has been launched to ensure the safety of our employees and all those on site. Encouraging all to ‘Stop and Ask’ ensures safety is at the forefront of our works and we do not take unnecessary risks whilst on site.