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Brighton & Hove City Council are a lead local flood authority covering the Brighton & Hove districts

Although a coastal city, surface and groundwater flooding are the most common types of flood in the catchment, and therefore Property Flood Resilience was identified as an appropriate and sustainable solution. 

Successfully mitigating flood risk to 63 properties, we developed unique solutions based on property specifics. 10 of the properties were identified as Listed Buildings, requiring significant planning, management and coordination with Local Planning Authorities ensuring suitable measures were manufactured and installed.

Working Together

Our success during the first stage of installation, with various commendations received from residents on our professionalism and customer care, saw us complete a further 17 properties in the Patcham area on behalf of Brighton & Hove City Council.

What did they think?

"Very high standard of work"

I just wanted to thank you both and to say how delighted we are with the completed work but also I feel I must mention the very high standard of work undertaken by all those involved.  The team were without exception very professional, they were polite and ready to assist us wherever they could.

Rita and David Randall, Residents

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