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Derby City Council - Darley Abbey Bridge Replacement

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The Problem

After an initial investigation, it was deemed the abutments of the bridge were in need of significant repair and it could no longer be used. Derby City Council took ownership of the bridge to install a temporary structure until a permanent solution could be found.  The bridge was a vital connection between the residents of Darley Abbey and the local businesses separated by the River Derwent. When the bridge was closed in May 2022, the diversions put in place turned a 5minute walk into a 40minute walk and a 10minute drive.

DCC appointed us as Principal Contractor to carry out installation of the temporary bridge foundations and to supervise the lift of the bridge.

Working Together

The works were within a highly restricted residential area, and so stakeholder liaison was key throughout. We worked with Derby City Council to ensure stakeholders were kept well informed of all works, road closures, and diversions.

Mabey Hire delivered the bridge in 3m long sections to assemble the bridge on site. This required the bridge to be built down Darley Street with suitable diversions and road closures in place to both ensure works could continue and residents had as much access as possible to the area.

The day of the lift was highly publicised and so stakeholder management and ensuring their safety was key through the use of pedestrian barriers and Heras fencing with designated WHC members of staff monitoring these at all times.

The bridge lift, carried out by Mammoet, was successful, reconnecting the residents and local businesses of Darley Abbey.

What did they think?

“It goes without saying that this was a real team effort..."

It goes without saying that this was a real team effort that has made this happen. It’s a real testament to the officers, construction workers, engineers, and everyone right across the board”

Councillor Steve Hassall, City Council Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Transport, and Decarbonisation

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