Nottinghamshire County Council – Southwell PFR

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40 weeks


Under Lot 3 Survey, Supply & Install of the Environment Agency’s National Property Flood Resilience Framework, Nottinghamshire County Council appointed us to undertake Property Flood Resilience to 138 properties in the Southwell area. We undertook all community engagement, survey, design, installation and post installation customer service at each of the properties identified.

Engaging in pre-start meetings with NCC and our tried and trusted design surveyor specialists, we developed a robust programme of works. Highlighting the critical path including lead-in times, planning consent, Listed Building approval, customer engagement and installation, we ensured key milestones were met throughout delivery.

Engaging with Southwell residents and the Southwell Flood Action Group was key to successful delivery of this scheme. Our dedicated PFR Coordinator was responsible for communication with all stakeholders including homeowners and members of the group to provide information, answer questions, manage expectations and provide technical advice on products installed.

Following initial survey undertaken by our specialists, a PFR Survey Report was compiled detailing the recommended measures for resilience. These included both passive solutions such as Flood Doors and automatic airbricks, and non-passive solutions, for example Flood Boards.

Homeowner requirements were considered during the initial survey stage including their ability to deploy measures in a flooding event, and these considerations taken into account to ensure best value for individual homeowners.

Flood Doors were manufactured at our in-house manufacturing facility, meeting Listed Building approvals where required. Installation was undertaken by our directly employed installation teams. With up to 10years experience in the industry, we allocated personnel with the necessary skills, knowledge, ability, training and experience to deliver works ‘right first time, every time’.

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